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Last Updated: March 05, 2021


  • By signing in to the control panel/using the bot & control panel as a channel owner you are agreeing that you understand this privacy policy!

  • By doing this you also accept & understand that changes can be made at any time when new or changed features are added or modified within the MJRBot & its control panel, you are required to check this page regularly to see these changes!

  • Also as a channel owner you will be responsible for letting end users of MJRBot in your channel, that they are aware of the limited personal data such as user ids/names or MJRBot event based info, which is stored about them. Please see below for more details for the data stored for a channel or for a end user of MJRBot in a channel owners chat

  • If a channel owner or a end user would like a copy of your data or want your data deleted or have any questions please email us at [email protected]

General Privacy Policy

How Data Is Used & By Who

Personal Data

Other Data

MJRBot Site Privacy Policy & Cookies Policy

Logging/Using Control Panel


General Usage/Session Data Privacy Policy

MJRBot Service Privacy Policy

MJRBot stores other user/viewer/channel data which is collected by the bot

Stored Channel Data (Data stored when you add MJRBot to a channel/or while/during a channel owner is using the control panel)

Personal Data

  • Channel & User Ids/Names per channel bot is connected in

  • Twitch/Mixer OAuth token data is sorted securely via MySQL for use by the bot for getting list of subscribers, etc. (Theses tokens are encrypted using AES 256)

Other Data

  • Commands/Points/Rank/Chat Moderation/Games/Announcements/Quotes module settings or data entered within the control panel or any bot temp data needed to make modules be able to perform

  • All other MJRBot related settings, which can be changed from default via MJRBot commands or control panel such as alert settings

  • Custom Ranks Data, such as name/price/bypass options

  • Custom Commands/Phrases Data, obtained via commands run in the channel or using the control panel

  • List of current viewers/subscribers/moderators/Twitch VIP's/followers are temp sorted while MJRBot is in your channel

  • Discord Channel/Guild IDs used/stored by Integrations part of MJRBot/control panel

  • Chat Messages are logged in our bots log files, this is only for debugging use

  • Logged events in a channel that are record/stored by the bot:

    • Viewer/User Join

    • Viewer/User Leave

    • Viewer/User Sub

    • Viewer/User Resubscribe

    • Viewer/User Gift Sub

    • Viewer/User Follows

    • Viewer/User Hosts

    • Viewer/User Bits to the streamer

    • Viewer/User Raids

    • Use of a bot command

    • Games provided by MJRBot, Events

    • Received Points

    • Loss of Points

    • Received Rank

    • Loss of Rank

    • Using/adding/deleting/managing Quotes provided by in chat commands/control panel

    • Using/adding/deleting/managing Custom Commands or Custom Phrases provided by in chat commands/control panel

    • Moderation Data preformed by actions such as being flagged by the link checker, symbol/emote spam checkers, bad word checker

    • Moderation actions such as deleting messages from within a channel owners chat

    • Twitch Custom Rewards Redeems(From Channel Points System)

    • Twitch: Chat Mode switching such as sub mode, follower only mode, emote only mode, r9k mode. slow mode as all recorded for debug purposes

    • And any other data needed to make bot function for streamers & their chat

Stored User Data (Data stored when users/viewers join/talk in a channels chat when MJRBot is active within that channel's chat)

Personal Data

  • User Id/Name per channel that the bot & user is connected in

Other Data

  • Point values (per viewer) earned from the bot

  • Rank values (per viewer) obtained by the bot

  • List of current viewers/subscribers/moderators/Twitch VIP's/followers are temp sorted while MJRBot is in a channel owners channel

  • Chat Messages are logged in our bots log files, this is only for debugging use

  • Any of the end user involving Logged events in the above section

Analytics Data, the analytics that is sorted is: