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Welcome to the MJRBot Control Panel!

What is MJRBot?

MJRBot is an Advanced Multi Streaming Platform Bot, which offers a ton of features including but not limited to Chat Based Games, Points/Rank System, Chat Moderation, Custom Commands, Custom Phrase Replier, Event Tracking, Discord/Game Integration Support, and more. Please see below for a full list of features!

Whats included?

99.9% Uptime

No downloads required

Advanced Control Panel

Support for Twitch Platform

Customizable Custom Commands

Customizable Custom Phrase Replier

Quote System

Chat Based Games (Racing, Maths, Heist, Slot Machine)

Customizable Points System

Customizable Auto Points System

Customizable Rank System

Customizable Full Twitch Alerts

Advanced Automated Customizable Announcements

Event & Alerts Tracking/Logs

Customizable Discord Integration

Chat Link between Twitch/Discord

Discord Go Live Notifications

Customizable Game Integrations

Customizable Twitch Channel Points Based Games

24/7 Support

Ready to Use within 3 Steps

Step 1


Login with your Twitch!

Step 2

Join MJRBot

Visit Connections Settings, And Join MJRBot to your channel!

Step 3


MJRBot should be now all setup in your channel.
Your now free to explore the Control Panel to add features to suit your channel

Global Analytics


Number of Twitch Connected Channels


Number of Twitch Overall Channels


Number of Commands Used


Number of Messages check by Moderation System


Number of MJRBot Points Gained


Number of MJRBot Points Lost


Number of Events Logged


Years of Service

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